Everyone loves “The Stallion”, Mike Silenzi, on the hit show American Ninja Warrior (ANW). Having completed the course several times, the Stallion is now a proud owner of Ultimate Ninjas Libertyville in Illinois. It was amazing that he asked me to fix his old Stallion logo before his next Ultimate Ninja competition in Vegas. We sat down together to meet with the goal to create an eye-catching Stallion logo to resemble his skills to fly and leap on the ninja course.
Original Logo
As I meet with Mr.Silenzi at our first meeting, we discussed the reason why he was named "the Stallion." To this, he replied, "One of my friends would call me that and I like the name!" Mr.Silenzi had a goal to renovate his logo; he wanted it to appear strong and simple before the next  Vegas competition. I took a look at the old Stallion logo (image on the right) to visualize how we can upgrade it with the same elements- a stallion, horse, and wings. I began to sketch, research, and create!
Logo Drafts
Many ideas flowed through my head since our first meeting. I was able to create many variations of the wings for a simple stallion head. I worked on the logo every day and was able to meet with Mr.Silenzi once a week for feedback and client direction.
Social media poll
In the span of three months of revisions and creating, we came down to these last three logos and one additional logo made by a tattoo artist. An instagram post was created in which 400 people voted on what logo they loved the most. After counting the votes we saw "B" was the most liked by his fans!
Final Logo
Creating this logo was exciting since the beginning and the results were a huge success in merchandise sales. I grew to love this logo and the voice behind it: strong, bold, and courageous. One of my first logo designs made it to television ;Mike Silenzi​​​​​​​ performed on the show with a Stallion T-shirt. You can find Mike and the stallion logo at his gym in Illinois- Ultimate Ninjas Libertyville.
America Ninja Worrior (on NBC)
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